The shadow knows neither the vertical nor the horizontal, it walks in the space with an insolent freedom.


© photographs by Philippe Gourdon

These lines of light have finally understood that in order to attract attention it is necessary to know how to make curves with harmony and creativity.

A few veils of light, detaching themselves from the shadows, fly away with the grace of the angels towards an unknown horizon, an ephemeral moment, suspended in the dark azure.

The shadow changes, transforms, disappears until it chooses the best moment to stand out and magnify simple everyday objects.

Who knows the result? Is it the matter that waits for the light to impose these figures on it, or is it the light that distils its rays to paint its will?

Perhaps it is the light that blows these ephemeral moments as a testimony of his passage on earth at the appointed time and place.

Alignment is a human specificity, so the shadow follows obediently the music as if to better affirm the score of this binary order, shadow or light.

Disappear in the night, embrace the darkness, gorge oneself with darkness, walk without counting one's steps, lose oneself without landmarks to better find this inalterable sign that is light.

To enter in light in the country of the dark where all is not so black as it seems, the light watches there and never sleeps.

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